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How to choose a range hood? I believe that many people will frown when they see this problem, and pat their thighs, right! This thing doesn't change every ten years, how to choose? ! The range hood is a very important product in the home and has a very low presence. Many families have lived in this house for more than ten years, and the range hood at home has not been replaced. Well, today we will talk to you about the overall structure of the range hood.

At present, there are relatively many types of range hoods on the market. The mainstream ones are European style, side suction type and Chinese style. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It sounds very reliable, but for our ordinary consumers, How to choose is a big question. So, here is the key point. You do n’t know how to choose a hood mate. Let ’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different structure hoods.

Chinese range hood:

As a Chinese, we must start with a Chinese range hood. After all, the name sounds very Chinese. In principle, the Chinese range hood is very suitable for Chinese families. The deep smoke collection cavity, the square shape, and the relatively cheap selling price all seem to be very suitable for Chinese families. But in fact, this Chinese-style range hood has withdrawn from the first-tier city market, shifting its main positions to third- and fourth-tier cities. Regarding this point, it can be seen from the sales ranking of the range hood of Jingdong Mall. At present, the sales volume of the range of the range hood of Jingdong Mall is in the top 20, there is no Chinese range hood, and the top ranking Chinese range hood Even the top 100 did not enter, ranking 102.

The Chinese range hood was indeed a product designed specifically for Chinese consumers. The deep smoke collection cavity can well cope with the large amount of fume generated during Chinese food stir-fry. The overall shape of the product is relatively square and has more The space accommodates a larger motor or fan blade. However, the degree of separation of the fume of this product is poor. After using it for a period of time, a large amount of viscous oil will accumulate inside the range hood. The range hood needs to be disassembled during cleaning, which is difficult and cumbersome.

And because the Chinese range hood has been reduced to low-end products, the Chinese range hood has begun to be greatly discounted in terms of overall product development, production, and accessories. As a result, the Chinese range hood cannot actually meet the actual use of urban residents at this stage. Demand, even some Chinese range hood products are still using axial fans, the smoking effect can not be guaranteed.

The appearance of the Chinese-style range hood is huge and dull, and it is full of a "silly, big, stupid" style, which is far from the aesthetics of consumers at this stage. This is also a major reason for the withdrawal of the Chinese-style range hood from the market. .

European range hood:

The European-style range hood is the earliest type of range hood in China, and may be the structure most familiar to Chinese consumers. The product of this structure has a compact overall shape and a relatively slim shape. It will not be as easy to knock as the Chinese range hood, and it will be more popular with consumers in terms of appearance. However, when this product first entered China in the early days, it was also because of this slim shape that it was not quickly recognized in the Chinese market.

We know that the cooking in Chinese home cooking takes up a large proportion, and a lot of oil fumes will be generated during the cooking process. If it cannot be discharged in time, it will cause a serious decline in indoor air quality. However, the original European-style range hood was not designed with consideration of the problem of heavy oil fume in Chinese food. It is difficult to solve the problem of the Chinese kitchen.

However, as European-style range hoods have entered China for decades, this range hood is constantly improving. The overall structure, materials, motors, fans, and internal cavity can be said that all structures have been well improved. Products Not only has there been considerable progress in terms of suction power, but also a corresponding improvement in the usage habits and preferences of Chinese consumers, while ensuring the original advantages of European-style range hoods, better solve the problems of Chinese consumer kitchens. In addition, we see in the sales data of Jingdong Mall that the number one product is a European-style range hood.

Therefore, if you like to stir fry pan, or have a larger steamer, then we recommend you to buy European-style range hood, its shape and structure are good to ensure the product smoking effect and cooking operation space, and in The face value has a very good performance.

Side suction range hood:

The side suction range hood is a new type range hood introduced in recent years after a lot of improvements to the shortcomings of the traditional Chinese range hood and the European range hood. This type of range hood has undergone a very big change in shape. It uses the side air intake method to make the smoking port closer to the cooking pot at the source of the fume. It can quickly absorb the fume produced quickly, which is very suitable for China. The family's heavy oil smoke and heavy taste environment brings us a more comfortable kitchen environment.

After the introduction of the side suction range hood, more and more brands have found that although the side suction range hood is much closer to the cooking pot because of the smoking port, which greatly improves the ability to smoke and smoke, the effect of gathering smoke is relatively poor. If the overall suction is not enough, or there is too much oil smoke generated in the cooking pot, there may still be a certain amount of oil smoke. Therefore, we have seen that more and more side suction range hoods have added smoke screen modules. When the range hood is working, the smoke screen is opened to provide better smoke collection effect for the range hood through the smoke screen. .

It can be said that the current side suction range hood may be the best overall range hood product, especially the smoke screen and the smoking port that is opposite to the user's direction and closer to the smoke source, so that the smoke does not pass through the user's The mouth and nose will not produce oil fumes, which effectively improves the actual experience of the product. However, this product is not perfect, because the overall use of the side suction structure, to a certain extent, occupies the cooking space, especially if you are like the author who is a person who likes cooking, use side suction smoke The opportunity may feel a little inconvenient, and if you don't pay attention, it may turn the dish up to the smoke screen or the smoking mouth.

However, in general, the side suction range hood has become the most mainstream product on the market and the most recognized product by consumers. Among the top 20 products in the Jingdong range hood list, the side suction range hood It occupied 12 seats. Therefore, if you pay attention to the overall appearance of the range hood, and hope that the suction power of the range hood is very good, and you do not like the "good" habit of cooking when cooking, side suction range hood is your best choice.

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