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Deep wash with ultra-micro bubbles to erase the "abstract painting"

"Super micro power" comes from the new super-bubble deep washing technology of Fangtai sink dishwasher-K3 series products. It can put difficult-to-wash tableware in a cleaning environment with hundreds of billions of "small balloons" bursting all the time. These "small balloons" are generated and burst in succession. The resonance impact of this process can put All kinds of oil dirt, residue and impurities that are difficult to dissolve are shattered and stripped. At the same time, the ultra-micro air bubbles with air floatation can also float away the stripped dirt.

The two partners of "Ultra Micro Force"-surging high-impact spraying and turbulent flow washing technology, greatly enhance the speed of water flow and increase the time efficiency by 33%. The increased flow rate and rapid impact make the cleaning ability of "Super Micro Force" even more powerful. As a result, the 360 ° ring cloth water hole rotates and sprays at high speed, turning the water flow into countless high-pressure water guns, and performing "sweeping" cleaning of the tableware in all directions, which can quickly wash away all kinds of dirt and easily wash all kinds of dirt. "Abstract art" solves the stubborn heavy oil pollution of Chinese cooking and the cleaning of rice bowls overnight.

Multi-pronged approach to eliminate bacteria and resist "artistic bacteria"

Erasing the "abstract painting" can only be regarded as the first victory, because there are still a group of invisible "enemy"-bacteria and viruses on the dinner plate.

At this time, "Ultra Micro Force" will play another powerful effect. Since the ultra-micro bubbles have strong oxidizing properties, the sterilization effect on tableware is also very obvious. Equipped with a flying saucer-type high-efficiency hot plate that can quickly heat water flow and high-temperature steam, providing a high temperature of up to 70 ° C in the dishwasher cavity, enough to eliminate up to 99.99% of common food-borne causes such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus Germs. At the same time, the removal rate of viruses H1N1, H3N2, and enterovirus 71 are all 99.99%, which achieves the effect of disinfection. No "art bacteria" is left on the dinner plate, so as to solve the hidden danger of "sickness from the mouth.

Heat convection + waste heat drying to avoid "second creation" of water drops

As we all know, clean dishes should be kept as dry as possible to prevent secondary pollution caused by standing water. In this regard, many families have the habit of drying dishes with dishwashing cloth after washing dishes, but unclean dishwashing cloth will also cause secondary pollution. Don't worry, at this time, "Super Micro Force" has finished work, and the convection of hot and cold air comes into being-the double drying technology of Fangtai sink dishwasher K3 series of hot convection and waste heat can solve this problem.

After the cleaning is completed, the sink dishwasher will automatically blow fresh air into the tank body, using the principle of thermal convection drying to reduce steam condensation on the steam side wall and the inside of the door body. With the help of the residual heat of the cavity after high-temperature rinsing, the tableware is dried quickly with low energy consumption, avoiding the "second creation" caused by small water droplets and dust, and the dishes can be kept from dripping water and dust. , The user experience has been greatly improved.

Generally speaking, the "ultra-micro force" is simply a "little savior" that can save the tableware from the difficult greasy dirt and hard residue. The "super micropower" escort of the Fangtai sink dishwasher K3 series, the difficulty of cleaning Chinese cooking utensils is broken, and one-click solves the embarrassment of the "abstract painting" of Chinese tableware.

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