FOTILE Style Beijing Experience Pavilion Grand Opening

2020-05-18 12:36:21 47

Fotile Kitchen Appliance

On Jan 13, FOTILLE Style Beijing Experience Museum, which was created by high-end kitchen appliance brand FOTILE and the well-known designer Lv Yongzhong hand in hand, was officially completed in Sanlitun area, Beijing city. FOTILE Style Beijing Experience Pavilion  is located at the west side of the north gate of the Beijing Worker’s Stadium, covering an area of 3,000 square meters. So far, FOTILE has set up more than 40 offline experience museums in the country, among which Beijing Experience Museum is the largest and the most high-end monomer top kitchen appliance experience museum. Since then, food lovers in Beijing can book a gourmet tour through the FOTILE Style APP and WeChat. 

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