FOTILE Range Hood EMS9026

Obtuse-angled smoke compression technology pressurizes rising airborne grease to prevent it from spreading

  • Net weight (kg): 34.5
  • Gross weight (kg): 46
  • Packing-box size (mm): 1025x765x625
  • Volume (m³): 0.458
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Product size (mm): 900x515x(640-965
  • Certification: CB,SAA

Fotile Kitchen Appliance

Intelligent Self-Adjusting according to the volume of cooking fumesEquipped with Intelligent Self-Adjusting Smart Wing-like Surround Suction Plate, which is able to adjust its elevation by 8-12cm according to the volume of cooking fumes, closer to the “golden fume control zone” where the fumes spread on a large scale, ensuring that the butterfly wing can fully intercept the fumes in different speeds.
DC variable frequency motor, super-strong core powerDC variable frequency motor, offering strong power, with maximum static pressure up to 720Pa that overcomes wind resistance effortlessly; more powerful and efficient smoke extraction, ensuring smooth extraction even in peak hours.Fotile Kitchen Appliance
Fotile Kitchen ApplianceWider grease and smoke control zoneWider grease and smoke control zoneThe “Butterfly Wing Ring Suction technology” allows an “expansion” of the grease and smoke control zone in FOTILE W, which implements the 3D expansion of grease and smoke control capacity from horizontal to vertical, increasing the negative core pressure area, effectively reducing the smoke escape.
Auto Extraction Resistance DetectionPoor fume extraction during peak cooking hours will lead to fume backflow. FOTILE W automatic cruise turbo function provides real-time detection. When the exhausting environment is not smooth, and the resistance becomes large, the automatic turbo system is on for rapid pressurization with ultra-powerful smoke exhaustion. Equipped with the innovative Bionic Wings Impeller design, it ensures quick and smooth exhaustion even in peak hours.Fotile Kitchen Appliance
Fotile Kitchen ApplianceSmart Life, Innovative TechnologyInfrared sensor helps detecting the smoke concentration, ensuring powerful and quiet ventilation with perfect speed.
Intelligent Air Steward, guarding the kitchen air health
Delay Off Function, keeping the hood on for a while longer

Fotile Kitchen ApplianceFotile Kitchen Appliance

Product size (mm)(W×D×H)900x515x(640-965)
Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz
Noise level(dB)52
Illumination power (W*1)2*1
Air Flow(m³/h)1250
Motor power (W)270
FilterWing-liked Surround Suction Plate+ double-layer Clean & Clear filter
Gas sensorN
heat sensorN
Wind curtainN
Auto Turbo SystemY
Intelligent Air ManagementY
Smoke Sound DetectionN
Anion SterilizationN
Central Energy CursorY
Net weight (kg)34.5
Gross weight (kg)46
Packing-box size (mm)1025x765x625
Volume (m³)0.458

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