Side Suction or Top Suction Rangehood is better?

2020-05-18 11:34:24 samsam 15

The living space of each family is different, and the living environment is different, but it is certain that the kitchen space will be the most pyrotechnic and the worst living environment. The high temperature of cooking, the noise of the pots, and the oil smoke that is very harmful to the body, let us stay away from the kitchen from our hearts, but every family can't live without the kitchen, because someone cooks food for you in the kitchen. Your stomach. Therefore, for this person who takes care of you every day, it is necessary to build a good kitchen environment. At this time, we need an efficient and quiet range hood.

At present, there are many types of oil fume. If they are classified according to working methods and installation positions, there are mainly top suction and side suction.

Side suction hood

The air inlet is closer to the source of the oil fume, which can lock the generated oil fume at the first time, and can effectively shorten the movement distance of the oil fume rising, and the smoke exhaust effect is naturally more ideal.

Advantages: The separation of oil fume completely solves the problem of the previous meeting of the range hood. The side suction hood with a fume separation plate with its high standard oil fume removal rate and oil fume purification rate has become a range hood that truly meets the cooking habits of Chinese families. .

Disadvantages: the side suction type range hood has fewer styles, and the inner cavity of the smoke collection often cannot be integrated, which is cumbersome and noisy during cleaning.

For side suction range hoods, we recommend a high-quality side suction range hood product, Fangtai JQG-9009T.

Fangtai JQG-9009T sets the air inlet at a height near 580mm from the cooktop panel according to the principle of "gold smoke control zone". The height is just right, and it is absorbed before the oil fume has spread on a large scale; the innovative 900mm fast flow air inlet, The suction force is even without releasing pressure, and the oil fumes are locked firmly. The newly adjusted fan system of "Wind Rubik's Cube" is innovatively placed at a tilt of 30 ° to achieve four points and one line of oil fume from the source to the air outlet. The suction and discharge path is short and fast.

Advanced fully automatic opening and smoke screen, forming a large buffer zone of 110 ° with the air inlet, effectively buffering oil fumes and compressing oil fumes, preventing the escape and micro diffusion of oil fumes, making the face no longer greasy after cooking, and preventing falling after closing The smell of smoke makes the kitchen air always fresh. When the smoke exhaust environment is not smooth, or during the peak smoke exhaust period of the public flue, Fangtai Intelligent Cloud Cube can automatically detect the resistance of the flue, and can automatically pressurize when the resistance is large, so that the smoke exhaust is unobstructed and effectively prevents the back smoke.

Top suction range hood

The top suction range hood is a part of the kitchen appliances nowadays, and most of the traditional range hoods currently on the market are also top suction type. Installed above the cooktop, the fume is sucked away by the exhaust fan of the range hood.

Advantages: The top suction range hood uses a closed smoke exhaust chamber, which separates the oil smoke through the filter oil net, thereby reducing the erosion of the oil smoke on the motor and the wind blade. At the same time, the amount of exhaust air has also been greatly improved.

Disadvantages: When people cook in the kitchen with top suction hoods, they will easily hit their heads. Furthermore, over a long period of time, oil dripping will occur, requiring frequent cleaning of the range hood.

Fangtai JQG-9009T range hood is a high-end top suction range hood product. This range hood adopts butterfly wing ring suction technology, which has a wider smoke control range and less fume escape. When cooking, the fume has three stages of explosion, rise, and diffusion. The distance between the source and the source is 580mm, which is the critical point of rise and diffusion. The Fangtai JQG-9009T range hood can intelligently rise and fall with the size and state of the fume, without having to do it yourself Adjust the size of the air volume, it can also automatically sense whether it is a small stir fry or a stir fry, so as to choose a suitable height to achieve fast net smoke.

Fangtai V series Range Hood

Everyone knows that the cleaning of the range hood is a more troublesome thing. It usually takes more than half a day to clean the range hood. One is that it is not easy to disassemble. The second is that the range hood is stuck on it and it is difficult to clean it. The Fangtai EMS range hood is equipped with an independent cleaning mode. It has a dual oil storage structure to avoid the problem of oil dripping, and there are concealed flat butterfly wings that can be cleaned at a glance. In addition, Fangtai EMS range hood also uses 48dB mute technology intimately, always quiet with you.  

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